Mass of the Fresh Expression – Coventry Cathedral, Dec 8th

I have to crave forgiveness for all the misgivings I have had about our fresh-expressions-melange coming together from disparate groups to form a single Mass for up to 500 spiky anglocatholic clergy celebrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury. We started very faulteringly and now, after a fab meeting in Exeter last week it is really shaping up to be something good, something creative and something deeply, deeply spiritual.

Sue Wallace (from Visions) and I have been asked (?tasked) with a seminar on technology in worship, although neither of us remember either volunteering or being asked. Neither of us mind, though. The blurb for our seminar is as follows:

Technology in Worship or “Yes, you can!”
a Seminar by Father Simon Rundell and Mother Sue Wallace

This seminar will try to debunk the myth that Multisensory Worship can only be done by those who have a degree in Computer Science and stick close to the adage that “The Best MultiSensory Worship does not have to plug into the Mains”

Drawing on Sue’s two excellent books on MultiSensory Prayer and Church, and the experience of both Mother Sue and Father Simon over many years of pushing pixels for Jesus, we will share ideas which can be done by anyone who can plug a power socket into a laptop. We will discuss some of the following topics:

  • Yes you can! – How the technology is a tool for worship, not its master
  • Macs or PCs – it doesn’t matter
  • Liturgy and Meaning first, eyeball-burning-coolness a long way down the list.
  • Where can I borrow this stuff from, and what exactly do I need? – PAs and Projectors and most of the things lying around your sacristy
  • Use of copyrighted material in worship
  • Where to get those cool images and what to with them when you have them – free or very cheap things to help you
  • Making a simple Angelus video using software that is already installed on your Mac or PC
  • Why it is better to do something than just watch a pretty video
  • Open Question and Answer Session – Just exactly How do I…?

Does that whet your appetite? Of course we are worried that no-one will come, but we shall see where this leads us.

I will also be leading some of the meditations during quiet hour from “Firebox”, Blesséd’s Worship Box using a bunch of MP3 players, some incense, charcoals and some stones.

The revised dismissal is this:


As the focus of the Pilgrimage is the Fresh Expressions mission, I have changed the final sentance from the deacon to

“go, the mass is ended. The mission has begun.”

and I think that says it all, really.