Manuscript Submitted: Creative Ideas in Sacramental Alternative Worship

I have been staring at them for a couple of days now, tweaking here and massaging there; inching forward to this point.

Now I realise that I can’t do any more at present and I have to hand that first draft over to the publishers, for them to rip it apart. I am already 2 weeks past my deadline, so I decided that enough is enough.

A few people have been kind enough to look at it, and a smaller number to actually give me feedback, but the overall response has been very positive: it sounds like my voice, and it communicates what I want to say in my way. Some have found the tutorial section useful and so I hope that it will be (by and large) satisfactory. All that is needed now is to chase up a few stray references, and to do some more illustrations and photographs. I think the resources themselves are quite comprehensive and representative of Blesséd’s unique contribution to the house of worship.

I pray that the editor doesn’t chuck it back and tell me to rewrite it.

I feel passionately that there is a place for this book and these resources, and that what I have to say about mission and worship needs to be heard. I just hope that it comes over like I hope.

What makes it more scary is the email from the Marketing people who want images for the book cover. That makes it even more real.

These images are possibles for the cover design – what do you reckon?