Making the Top 20 (of anything) is a success…

I am slightly amazed to discover that I have made a list!

The Church Mouse has compiled a list of the most prolific CofE tweeters, and hidden beneath the slightly weird scoring system I find myself at number 16


Name Twitter account Grade
1 Rt Rev Alan Wilson alantlwilson 99.9
2 Mst Rev John Sentamu johnsentamu 98.8
3 Rev Maggi Dawn maggidawn 97.6
4 Rt Rev Pete Broadbent pete173 95.3
5 Rev Alastair McCollum revdal 95
6 Rev Frances Wookey countryvicar 95
7 Rt Rev Nick Baines nickbaines 95
8 Rev Arun Arora revarun 94
9 Rev David Keen davidmkeen 94
10 Rev David Meldrum vicardave 94
11 Rev James Ogley riggwelter 94
12 Rev Kathryn Fleming goodinparts 94
13 Rev Michele Barzey Afrobehn 94
14 Rev Paul Walker paulwalker71 94
15 Rev Peter Ould pould 94
16 Rev Simon Rundell frsimon 94
17 Rev David Alexander stopsleyvicar 93
18 Rev Phillip Ritchie philritchie 93
19 Rt Rev David Thomson bpdt 92
20 Rev Simon Harvey simonjharvey 92

I celebrate the fact that Mother K rates higher than me, but then again she is a much nicer priest.  I wonder what you have to do to be rated at all? It is a good job that it doesn’t analyse the depth of theological introspection in 140 characters!

I know there are many who have deep suspicions of Twitter, and yet I find it an excellent way of disseminating information: following breaking news and ideas; just as blogging moved from the introspective diary into the Op-Ed or feature column, so Twitter is less about short conversations than scatterbombing references, links, reactions and prayerful insights. I have had a Twitter account for some time and for the past year or so have been a heavy user: a Blackberry and now an iPhone helps on this very much. WordPress automatically tweets my postings and this is then reflects onto Facebook. All bases are covered.

I was sending out texts and tweets of prayerful reflections via BlessedAltW but now my phone contract has changed this has had to stop. This was a pity because I really enjoyed the ‘pray in 140 characters’ discipline. Maybe again in the future: phone contract permitting.