Log Call to Calendar

My Latest Android Utility

Download from here for just 50p

I am releasing a new utility written for Android which I use for logging when I call people and when they call me. Others can use it to track calls for billing/invoicing purposes. When it runs in the background, you can select it and it will write an entry in your chosen calendar.

It is my first “charged” app, and I hope you will find it useful.
2014-11-26 11.34.28



2014-11-26 11.35.12


2014-11-26 11.36.15 Google Calendar (1)

The Application can be downloaded from here for the small sum of 50p. I hope you find it useful, and worth it. I use it to log when people call me and when I call them, all part of the Pastoral Cycle.

Log Call to Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play