Let Go – An Ascension Ritual

Equipment: Stones


The disciples gathered around the resurrected Lord, and from their midst he rose to leave them. They wanted, and we would want to hold on to him, but this is the time to let go.

Nolle Me Tangere – do not hold onto me (John 20:17) he said to the Magdalene. The work of Christ, the man who walked this earth has come to an end, his legacy, his Church, his Holy Spirit breathed through the people of God must now take over.

But we have to let that happen. We have to let him go.

There are plenty of things in our lives which we cling to. Fear forces us to keep them close.

The stones which the builders rejected (Matthew 21:42) are scattered in this space…

Gather one and examine it. As you hold it, you can transfer onto it your reluctance to let go.

Cradle it, and let its hard exterior take on the hardness of your heart.

Your stone carries the marks of wind and water, of weather, of spade and drill. It has history. It has past: just like your life. You carry the scars of your experience, maybe outside, maybe within.

You hold in your hand something unique, something special, something of which there not another anywhere in the world. Just like you.

In places where God is rarely heard, in the dark and dismal places, these stones are ready to cry out in praise of God. Shed onto this stone your hurt, your doubt, your fear, your insecurity, for reluctance to reach out to the God who reaches out to you.

The Lord, who makes all things and draws in unity all things, will take this from you, and release you from your burden…

Holy God, Maker of us all,

Have mercy on us.

Jesus Christ, Servant of the poor,

Have mercy on us.

Holy Spirit, Breath of life,

Have mercy on us.

Let us in silence remember our own faults and failings…

God takes our hardness of heart, and replaces it with a heart of flesh. Let us use these scattered, dismembered stones to rebuild the temple of living stones, and renew this church, this place, this people with our resolution to be reconciled to the God who reaches out to us.

<cairn is built>

As you have helped to rebuild the Church, you have begun to let go. You know that you are to be infused with his spirit, empowered to do his work, if only you will let go.

Let go. And be free.

Let go. And trust.

Let go. And go.