Legillium Mass Book – the toolkit you will need to say the Mass (beautifully)

Front PageIt’s good to know that you have everything you need – or might possibly need – to hand.

Based on the book that was on the legillium in my title parish (Holy Spirit, Southsea), this is key texts for the Mass: a rock for every low mass and a godsend when visiting unfamiliar places. If I have this in my bag, then I know I can get through it. I have added to it over the years, borrowing a good introduction to confession, absorbing an offertory prayer, ensuring that I have the MU prayer at the back for those times when you need it and so it represents an ongoing toolkit for my ministry and a swiss-army knife for the everyday offering of the sacrifice.

So why don’t I let you have a copy?

Download (DOCX, 40KB)

Of course, it is highly idiosyncratic, but it works for me and my particular spirituality. The point of sharing of course is that you will be able to use it as a basis for your own toolkit. So, by all means use this as a start and make it your own: take out and add as you need. After all, unless you are in the Diocese of Exeter, you’ll need to change the names of the Bishops and the patron saints that your Churches are dedicated to…

So if (like some) you resent the amount of Roman material in it, and refuse to pray for the Bishop of Rome, the Ecumenical Patriarch and the leaders of the reformed churches, then replace them. If you really want to use Prayer H  – although I have no idea why you might want to 🙂 – then put it in. I won’t judge you.

Adopt. Adapt & Improve.

If, as a part of using this you would like to offer a prayer for me and our ministry here in NE Plymouth, then we would be most appreciative: call it prayerware if you like!

I’m always willing to be sent additional bits, so let me know if you find something you think I should have in my book as well as yours. May it help you to celebrate the Mass to his honour and glory beautifully.