Journey of Faith – Reflection on Session 1

Tonight we completed Session 1 of Journey of Faith, our Christian Basics / Confirmation Course.

This is, I suspect the weakest of the weeks, but enlivened by two videos

The first one just cries out to be done at Walsingham:

Checkout their Picture One as weel, from something called “Winterfest” – very American, very Evangelical, very slick but so, so good.

The second is now one of the Cheesy Classics, but I still love it.

The challenge is how to begin the course and captivate, when we must deal with the underlying issue: why believe?

The God-shaped hole inside all of us is yearning to be filled, and despite our attempts to fill it with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and all those other, empty gods, the only thing which fills the God-shaped hole, frankly, is God.

Meanwhile I am struggling to get the parish website up and working again – complex and dynamic typo3 sites are difficult to transfer from one webserver to another and it may be sometime before we are straight. Still, £13 a year for web hosting that supports typo3 isn’t bad is it?