Jesus Camp – a film guarenteed to make me angry and upset


I had heard of this film a year or so ago, but a recent post by the InternetMonk made me seek it out, and oh, how much is this film annoys me. It is a beautifully shot documentary, sitting alongside For the Bible Tells Me So revealing the underbelly of Right Wing ‘Faith’, but this is more about Politics than Faith, and the Jesus they speak so passionately about is so unlike the Christ of Scripture.

The most worrying parts are where th’e evangelist’ whips the kids up “right we’re going to speak in tongues now – sha la la la etc.” as if you can turn it on like a tap! No, no, no, no... the Holy Spirit isn’t on demand like Broadband!

In another exchange she asks “hands up if you think God can do anything” – and kids put their hands up, we see a ‘Mom’ raise the hand of her toddler and then turn and force up the hand of her slightly older 6 year old

The documentary covers the whole home-schooling, biblical literalist, God-is-an-American political animal. {shiver}.

God help us all.

For all those who are passionate about youth ministry, about the spirituality of young people, about evangelising the world, this is scary stuff and so unlike the Jesus that loves, saves, dies and is resurrected. This Holy Saturday, and in the light of this film which I urge you to get hold of and see, just because it will annoy you as much as it does me, we pray: Lord have mercy