Jargon as Poetry

The Church is becoming more management-obsessed, more ‘corporate’. How long before you can see these phrases coming in at PCC meetings


I bet Bishop’s Staff is full of it already!

I was speaking to a friend who is about to be installed as the Team Rector of a large parish. In his interview he was asked “What is your management style?” To which he paused and said that the Church of England was becoming so obsessed with ‘Management’ that he wanted to get back to a style that was overwhelmingly ‘Priestly’. A good answer which I would want to take further (as well as store up as a good answer for the next time I might need it!) – Priestly Management is both Prophetic ie visionary and Pastoral ie concerned with people. It also uses none of the phrases seen in the above extract.

That book I am continuing to read “Why should anyone be led by YOU?” continues to inspire, and to inspire me to be more like me, only better: that is the mark of authentic leadership, and the only management style that Jesus seeks from us.