It's the 35% who did not vote who are to blame

Credit to Diamond Geezer for displaying these stats

Vote2010Election stats

1a) 2010 election: votes cast

Con 36% Lab 29% LD 23% Oth

1b) 2010 election: seats won

Con 306 Lab 258 LD 57 Oth

2) 2010 government: to be confirmed

Con 306 [363 LD 57 or Lab 258 [315+ LD 57 O

3a) 2005 election: votes cast

Lab 35% Con 32% LD 22% Oth

3b) 2005 election: seats won

Lab 356 Con 197 LD 62 Oth

4) Election turnout: average by decade

1920s 74%
1930s 74%
1940s 73%
1950s 80%
1960s 76%
1970s 75%
1980s 74%
1990s 75%
2000s 60%
2010 65%

5) 2010 election: national support for each party

Con 24% Lab 19% LD 15% Oth did not vote 35%

The problem with this hung parliament is the 35% of you that did not vote. In less than six month’s time, I predict we’ll have to do it all over again, with or without PR. Your apathy has paralysed this country and you should be ashamed for yourself. I heard from friends about their colleagues who wouldn’t vote because “they didn’t understand the issues” (answer=find out – there are lots of websites, the radio and the TV to explain them to you, although steer clear of the nation’s abysmally biased newspapers) or “they didn’t know what to do when they got there” (answer=the nice ladies will explain it to you). No excuse next time, just vote please.

Voter turnout remains embarrassingly small – it’s almost as if we don’t think this matters. 65% turnout for a supposedly sophisticated democracy is pathetic really, and the relationship