Infant Assembly: Parable of the Talents

Parable of the Talents for Infants (Ages 4,5 &6)

In the name of the +Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Jesus, who I and millions of Christians around the world believe to be the Son of the very God who created this world, and all of us, and who came down to Earth to show us how much God loves us, taught us some special things.

He did this using parables: special stories with a special message. And I want to tell you today, one of Jesus’ special stories which might make us think about those special gifts, those special talents, those unique skills that God gives to us; and that we can use either to grow, and learn and laugh and love (just as wants us to) or to waste, and fritter and leave undeveloped.

This is the story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…

Once upon a time (and don’t all the best stories start with Once upon a time…?)

A Rich Man – a man who had lots and lots of money, goes away and leaves three of his workers with a task. It was, I imagine, a bit like Dragons Den:

To one of his workers, he gave a huge amount of money

To another, he gave a little less

And to a third he gave a little less than the other two, but it was still a stonkingly large amount of money – more money than you could earn in 10 years!

The Rich Man told his workers to go and do what they could with the money –

When he came back, he called them to him to see how they had done.

The first had doubled his boss’s money, trading and buying and selling and using the money to do good in the world, and the Rich Man was very pleased with him.

The second, who had not quite as much to use, had done pretty well: he had traded and sold, invested and as a result the Rich Man was very pleased with him as well.

The third man, who had not quite as much as the other two, only had an excuse:

“I know you’re a very strict boss, and I am a bit afraid of you. I was worried that I couldn’t do much with this smaller – although admittedly still quite huge – amount of money, so rather than trading with it, rather than buying and selling and rather than putting it to some use, I just hid it under my mattress, and here it is”

Do you think the Rich Man was pleased with the third worker?

You are right – the Rich Man wasn’t at all pleased! He had been really generous and had given the third servant a large amount of money, to do good and to make more money with it, and yet he had wasted the opportunity.

The Rich Man took away the money he had given to the third servant, the money he had simply held onto and not done anything with, and gave it to the one who had achieved so much, and he sacked the third servant, the lazy, unambitious servant, the one who could have used what he had been given, but didn’t even try…

God gives us such wonderful gifts.

It might be a talent for drawing,

or reading,

or dancing

or football.

It might be a talent for helping other people, brightening the day of someone who is sad.

It might be mathematics, or bike riding, or making models.

It might be for being kind, and helpful and loving.

God gives everyone talents, so much talent, so much opportunity, so many blessings.

Does God expect us to just take those talents and hide them away, keep them to ourselves?

No – God wants us to share those talents, to use them to make the world a better place, to grow and to learn, to make the most of our opportunities in school, to help others and by showing our love to others, to show them God’s love for us?

Will you hide away your talent? Or will you go from this place, to work hard at school all this week, to be happy about all that God gives you and work to build on your talents to do even better?

We ought to pray about this…

  • For all our talents           thank you Lord
  • For all your gifts             thank you Lord
  • For all the chances we have to learn, and grow and love thank you Lord
  • Help us to not waste our chances, but to do what you want to become happy, and successful and loving of one another   thank you Lord
  • Amen

Lord’s Prayer