“If the picture on the left shocks you more than the one on the right, you need to revise your views on immorality”

Source: Annski via MadPriest

There are some things which are genuinely obscene: the apparently homophobic murder of a young scottish man this week, the continued injustice of unfair trade which leads to worldwide famine and deprivation, the growth of poverty in this country. Suddenly, the closure of S. Paul’s in London isn’t such a big deal, but we are seemingly inured to it all: more concerned about who rebelled against the Government in a vote they were bound to win anyway, rather than what steps we are taking to alleviate the loss of manufacturing whilst the banks continue to rake it in. Christ spoke much more about money than he did about sex, stood out against injustice more than for the status quo, challenged prejudice against women and the stranger and yet we continue to miss the point.

Time for a reality check. Time for a return to prayer and to social action. Time to get righteously angry about the injustices of the world.

Lord, we praise you for what you have given us and for what you have promised us.
Give us the courage to come out from all our churches into the world,
that our lives may proclaim your glory,
and your whole creation may reveal your love.

We give ourselves to you and ask that our daily work may be part of the life of your Kingdom,
and that our love may be your love reaching out in the life of the world.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.