If science is your God…


This morning they were discussing Religion and Politics, and it featured those who (much like Professor Dawkins) used Science as their religion, whilst still believing that they had th right to decry all forms of faith. One of the MPs showed such a blind faith in science that it almost ranked alongside Sarah Palin’s creationist views.

The problem is that all those who put their faith in hard science, and whose priests wear not dog collars but white coats so rapidly find them to fall short: science simply doesn’t have all the answers. Now, I’m not one of those who says that the Bible has all the answers either – God continues to work through people, through Saints and Holy Mother Church and yes, even through you and I today. The Bible is part of the solution: science is part of the solution and the more I learn about the world, about creation and about quarks and neutrinos, I see it as part of God’s wonderful revelation.

Why must there be a division between faith and science, between faith and society and why do some strands of evangelicalism insist that it is one or the other. They are as bigoted as these evangelical atheists, and I suspect both have been blinded to the whole wonderful variety and panapoly of God’s wonderful creation. God made the quarks and the neutrinos: ask Thomas Aquinas – the prime mover proof seems to shout BIG BANG at every term.

Returning to the religion and politics debate – my favourite comment is found on a dearly loved poster from Christian Aid showing Archbishop Tutu and his comment

“When people say reglion and politics don’t mix, I have to ask myself what bible they are reading”

The Gospel calls us as Giles Fraser reminded us that we are called to seek sight for the blind and freedom for captives, and how we can do this without political engagement is beyond me.

If science is your religion, and atheism is your God, then stop preaching at me and get involved in your own form of promoting sight for the blind and freedom for captives and let me and my flock do the same, and stop pretending you don’t have a faith: what you lack is the right label. Come and have a chat and we can help you label it right.