HP G60-214EM Real Life Review Update (Real Life Application!)

In an earlier post I started to review my new laptop – the Hewlett Packard G60-214EM, and promised an update when I had been using it in the field, simply because I have been most frustrated by the lack of original reviews, and those that exist simply copy what others say. This report, like its predecessor, is based upon actual use, and so is biased towards what I use the machine for. I know there is a lot of interest about this machine and its competitors, as I had a conversation last night with someone about it.

dsc_2021This weekend, I have been running the worship screen at the Children’s Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk: 300 young people aged 7-11 years old. I run Easyworship as my principle tool, creating videos in Adobe Premiere Elements and finally Sony Vegas Pro Version 8.0. Other tools punished this week include Word 2007, the Flock browser and the supplied DVD playing program to unwind at the end of the day.

The machine has performed really well: I asked it to do some demanding video crunching, and it was not sluggish (I think Vegas takes advantage of multiprocessors for rendering), the Easyworship ran well, including full motion backgrounds, although it did crash when I tried to preview a video whilst it was running a video on screen (a tall order for any machine, I think)

Again, my only moan is to do with battery life. It doesn’t have a very good warning system for low battery and went into hibernation without warning on the last verse of the last song of the last visit. I got about and hour and a half running video, CDs and two screens off that, which I don’t think is bad.

I was slightly inconvenienced by only having 3 USB ports, as everything these days runs off USB; I had to use a small hub which got in the way of the DVD drive. I’ll use a USB hub on a cable next time. I love having LightScribe on a portable machine, and the card reader was excellent to turn around pictures and video. Keyboard was good, and I like the response of the touchpad.

My feelings about the G60 are very positive: performance, price and features make it a good value machine and I do not hesitate to recommend it to you all.

Prayers and Blessings