Holy Week 2009

louis_balfour2Chrism Mass: underwhelming. The Cathedral should be congratulated for finding a white communion wine almost as unpalatable as the Fairtrade Red (from CPS – tasting notes: ‘run away! run away!‘) we use here. Good to see some colleagues. Jazz Mass Setting: definitely not niiiiiiiiiice!

Mass of the Lord’s Supper was lovely. We weren’t overwhelmed by numbers, but it was touching to see so many there. For the second year running, I washed everyone‘s feet as they came in. It stops the self-conscious from turning down my cajoling in the week before and leaves no-one out, which is I suppose what we are about.

Tonight, in the half-light, at the back of church there sits a lovely altar of repose: candles, lillies, white carnations, incense and, of course, the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ


In the Narthex, chaos reigns, but this is outside of the sacred space, the place for prayer and reflection. We will deal with this tomorrow before the Children’s Stations, and on Saturday it will be cleaned, restored, tidied and ordered for another year.

Children’s Stations was another great experience: nearly 30 came, more than half of which were children; Adult Stations, Meditations, Liturgy of the Passion all moderately well attended.

The Veneration of the Cross a particular highlight:


A little annoyed by the non-appearance of most the Sunday’s Group at either Blessed or the rest of Holy Week (but huge kudos to those who did), and as for Friday’s, well nothing to be seen of them. Not one thing put on for them has been responded to.

Mattins and Cleaning tomorrow. Dr Who to look forward to tomorrow. More on the Day of Resurrection to follow, 6am start.