Holy Dusting

“Many hands make light work”

…is a true saying. So I said last Sunday, “come to the Church Hall on Saturday at 11am, and we can all do a bit of cleaning”.

I have always thought that the hall was in a bit of a state. I have always been slightly unhappy with the state of cleanliness, but once we got into it, I never really realised just how filthy it was: cobwebs, unhygenic mops, uncleaned kitchen surfaces, dust, dust, dust.

As usual, the parish rallied brilliantly, all got stuck in, and more dirt than humanly thought possible was shifted. I found myself in the diriest parts, got absolutely covered in filth and hurt my shoulder (again) 🙁 The new cleaning team have a level playing field, and an expectation to keep it like this, nay, improve on this.

Photographs may follow, but for now you’ll just have to use your imagination (and I hope it won’t put you off your breakfast!)

Now I have to hire a skip to get rid of the mound of rubbish we have taken outside…

It is either that or go for a biiiiiggg bonfire!