Harvest Mass

(All children shown have the written permission of their parents. Children whose parents have not given permission have been pixillated out)

The Liturgy was posted a day or so ago. Pictures speak louder than words. A wonderful experience.

The Ministry Team process in. Bet we have the most outrageously hair-coloured thurifer in the Church of England!

Ministry Team Process in. We take the ministry of children and the ministry to children very seriously here, as well as having fun whilst we do it. Acolytes, Crucifer, Ministers of the Word: the works. Soon it will happen all the time, as adults and children both share this ministry.

Returning the Thurible

Ministry of the Word – Epistle of Paul to the Collossians read beautifully. The Gospel was danced to a video.

We come to your feast – the altar cloth brought forward is placed so wonderfully, wafted like a banner 3 times before being placed on the previously bare altar.

Bread is brought forward, cut and the rest shared afterwards in the Orthodox tradition. In Romanian this is Anafora

“Taste and See that the Lord is good”

Psalm 34

As bread is broken and wine outpoured, as the ordinary is made extraordinary, and simple bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, so we are transformed from ordinary people into extraordinary people of power and faith.

God is good. His sacraments are shared, and we are changed. This is what it is all about.