Halloween: Trick or Treat

[vimeo 75045602

There are some in the Church who are terrified of Halloween – running alternative “Light” Parties to try and distract the kids, many of whom then go straight out Trick or Treating. But that springs, it seems to me, to have no confidence in the power of Christ, who on the Cross defeated sin and death and won a victory for us all.

It is true that the world might seem a dark and a dismal place: all that violence and terror on the TV screens or in the newspapers, but into this darkness, Jesus said he was the Light of the World, and just as the Paschal Candle brings light into a darkened Church just before the beginning of Easter, and spreads its little light so far, so too does the light of Christ illume the whole world. There is no corner of the world so dark, no corner of our hearts so distant that the light of Christ cannot reach: and the darkness ALWAYS flees from the light. Christ wins.

(from a part of my Baptism talk as I light the baptism candle from the Paschal Candle)

Let ’em have their fun on Halloween, because the forces of evil can never win. Or don’t you really believe in the power of Christ?

This video is excellent, and I am clearly going to use it in my Collective Worship at the end of October. However, I’ve had a look at the website of 10ofthose.com: it believes worship be about just singing songs, and puts Mark Driscoll and Penal Substitution at the heart of its book choices. It is not, regrettably, a place for objective Bible Commentary, so I’m afraid I cannot recommend it.