Half Term Reflections

It is interesting that when you spent less time engaged in God’s work, you spend more time thinking about Him and about the work of God.

This half term has been no exception: a wonderful week away – minus teenagers so just the wife and I and the six-year old in a parishoner’s cottage in Cornwall. It was small and homely and we just relaxed.

It was just what we needed: food and wine (in copious amounts – visit www.camelvalley.com for one of the best sparkling wines I have ever tasted, sat on their terrace and took in the beauty of the valley) and sleep. The more time I spent not in a dog collar, the more I was able to pause and to think on matters of God. A brief half hour in St Ia’s Parish Church in St.Ives before the blessed sacrament seemed like a blessing. Thank you. Thank you.
It was a time to celebrate creation; to taste and see that the Lord is good; to think of mission and of our walk with God; to read of the Sermon on the Mount in new and exciting ways; to read about philosophy through modern sci-fi movies.

God is truely everywhere, and can be seen in all manner of things. Journey of Faith brings that out and I now feel rejuvinated. It’s going to be a busy week. It’s going to be fun. Again.