Group Text! App for the iPhone

When I used a Blackberry, I frequently sent out from my PC texts to a whole bunch of people. These became the now essential “Blessed Daily Texts” which are entirely free to UK subscribers (or can be followed on Twitter by following @BlessedAltW if you are a non-UK person or just prefer Twitter). Switching to the iPhone was a tragedy because it doesn’t support any kind of PC->SMS link no does it support the basic GroupText facility that most phones have. I know the forums have been clamouring for such a thing for a long time, but the one thing Apple don’t do is listen to their customers – oh no, they know what’s best for us, and group text (the ability to create a list of users to text with the same message) isn’t on their agenda so it’ll never happen.

Well, as of this week, the solution has arisen:

GroupText! by Andrea Vettori see

For a paltry £1.19 it will enable you to create lists of your contacts, templates of messages and then it will bundle those selections up and pass them onto the TextMessaging App: a simple and effective solution and a saver of a vast amount of my time.

You can get it via iTunes, and I highly recommend it.


***** Highly Recommended