Greenbelt 2010 Mass of the Edge Complete Liturgy


Music: Blackthorn Crescent (not that which is shown above)
In the name of the +Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit


The Lord be with you

and also with you

My dear friends in Christ, we gather from the edges, of this racecourse, of this country, the edges of society to this place, here and now to gather up all the worship of this long day and to meet with the Lord in broken bread, and wine outpoured.

Coming as it does from all strands of God’s holy and universal church, this is a Mass of Unity and most importantly a Mass which seeks to speak for those on the edges, the margins, the dispossessed and the unclean: God is here – make yourselves at home, for in this place, all are welcome.

Penitential Rite

So in order to encounter God in these holy and sacred mysteries, we seek to ready ourselves: our minds, our bodies and our souls.

Lord have Mercy

Lord have Mercy

Christ have Mercy

Christ have Mercy

Lord have Mercy

Lord have Mercy


Our Lord Jesus Christ, who has left power to his Church to absolve all sinners who truly repent and believe in him, of his great mercy forgive you all your offences; and by his authority committed to me, I absolve you from all your sins: +In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has put away all your sins, and of your charity, pray for me, a sinner also




Let us pray…

Father, we come to you tonight from the edges of society, the margins of Church, the ignored spaces in between normality…

We look to you for affirmation, for redemption, for you to hear the cries which we raise from our own personal wildernesses…

For we know that you are the one who heals the broken, gives voice to the alienated, and lifts up the downtrodden.

We make this prayer through the wounded healer, Jesus Christ, God with us, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, Indivisible unto the ages of ages. Amen

Gospel: Mark 5:1-20

This is the Gospel of the Lord

Praise to you, O Christ

Affirmation of Faith

We believe in God the Father,

from whom every family

in heaven and on earth is named.

We believe in God the Son,

who lives in our hearts through faith,

and fills us with his love.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit,

who strengthens us

with power from on high.

We believe in one God;

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



The Church

We pray for the whole Church, the visible body of Christ on this earth, in all its diversity.

We pray that the Church may reflect the face of Christ, seek to be united as the true vine and work together to build the Kingdom of God in our communities.

We pray for its leaders, that they may be empowered to pastor and guide the people, seeking the will of the Father and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer.

The World

We pray for the needs of the world, a world torn apart by oppression, injustice and enmity.

We pray especially for those affected by natural disasters, especially flood and mudslide and those who seek to provide relief and aid.

May your kingdom come and the whole world be made whole.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer.

Our Communities

We pray for our own communities, for their many different needs.

We pray for the isolated, the anxious and the alone, those who find themselves in the spiritual wilderness and those burdened by addiction or depression.

We lift up to you those that we know who are in need of God’s love, reconciliation and healing.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer.

The Sick and the Departed

We pray for those sick in mind, body or spirit.

We pray for those gathered into your loving arms, those recently departed, those whose anniversaries occur around this time, those we love and see no longer and those departed who have no-one else to pray for them.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer.

The Hail Mary

We do not pray alone, but join our prayers alongside the Angels, the Saints, the Prophets and the Patriarchs as we pray alongside the whole company of heaven and Our Blesséd Lady of Walsingham as we say…


Christ lifts up the humble

Christ reunites the broken

Christ draws us in from the edge,

into a new peace with him,

and with others

The peace of the Lord be always with you

and also with you

Let us offer one an other that sign of God’s peace


Pray my dear friends that this our sacrifice be acceptable to God, the Almighty Father

May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the praise and glory of his name, for our good and the good of all his church

Eucharistic Prayer

numbers refer to the screen

(1) The Lord be with you

and also with you

Lift up your hearts

We lift them to the Lord

Let us give thanks to the Lord, our God

It is right to give thanks and praise.

(2) Father, all powerful and ever living God

We do well always and everywhere to give you thanks

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord

Tonight, we bring to this table all that is painful in our lives.

Our disappointments,

Our failures,

Our addictions,


(3) In that bringing we come to the foot of your cross,

Where you raise all of this up

And our pain is overshadowed by your victory

Over sin and death

Over pain and suffering

Over abuse and addiction

So that we may join our prayers with the redeemed and renewed company of heaven, forever praising you and saying….

(4) Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

God of power and might

heaven and earth are full of your glory

Hosanna in the highest

Blesséd is he who comes in the name of the Lord

Hosanna in the highest

(5) Lord, you are holy indeed, the source of all holiness;
grant that by the power of your Holy Spirit,

and according to your holy will,

these gifts of bread and wine
may be to us the +body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ;
who, in the same night that he was betrayed,
took bread and gave you thanks;
he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying:

(6) Take, eat; this is my body

which is given for you;
do this in remembrance of me.

(7) In the same way, after supper
he took the cup and gave you thanks;
he gave it to them, saying:

Drink this, all of you;
this is my blood of the new covenant,
which is shed for you and for all

for the forgiveness of sins.
Do this, as often as you drink it,
in remembrance of me.

(8) Let us proclaim the mystery of faith…

Christ has died

Christ is risen

Christ will come again

(9) And so, Father, calling to mind his death on the cross,
his perfect sacrifice made once for the sins

of the whole world;
rejoicing in his mighty resurrection

and glorious ascension,
and looking for his coming in glory,
we celebrate this memorial of our redemption.

(10) As we offer you this our sacrifice

of praise and thanksgiving,
we bring before you this bread and this cup
and we thank you for counting us worthy
to stand in your presence and serve you.

(11) Send the Holy Spirit on your people
and gather into one in your kingdom
all who share this one bread and one cup,
so that we, in the company of

Our Blesséd Lady of Walsingham

and all the saints,
may praise and glorify you for ever,
through Jesus Christ our Lord;

(12) by whom, and with whom, and in whom,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
all honour and glory be yours, almighty Father,
for ever and ever.


Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven.

Don’t say ‘Father’ if you do not behave like a son or daughter. Don’t say ‘Our’ if you only think of your self.

Hallowed by your name

Don’t say ‘Hallowed’ if you do not honour that name.

Your Kingdom come

Don’t say ‘Your Kingdom come’ if you are weighed down with material goods

Your will be done On earth as in heaven

Don’t say ‘Thy will be done’ if you do not accept the hard bits

Don’t say ‘as it is in heaven’ if you only think about earthly matters

Give us this day our daily bread

Don’t say ’Our daily bread’ if you have no concern for the hungry or the homeless

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us

Don’t say ‘Forgive us our sins’ if you remain angry with someone

Lead us not into temptation

Don’t say ‘Lead us not into temptation’ if you intend to continue sinning

But deliver us from evil

Don’t say ‘Deliver us from evil’ if you are not willing to make a stand against injustice

For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours, now and for ever. Amen

Don’t say ‘AMEN’ without considering the words of your prayer!


We break this bread

to share in the body of Christ

Though we are many, we are one body,

because we all share the one bread

Agnus Dei

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,

have mercy on us

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,

have mercy on us

Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,

grant us peace.


Come, not because you are strong,

but because you are weak.
Come, not because any goodness of your own

gives you any right to come,

but because you need mercy and help.
Come, because you love the Lord a little,

and would like to love him more.
Come, because he loves you and gave himself for you.

This is the Lamb of God

who takes away the sin of the world

Blessèd are those who are called from the margins to his supper

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.


Prayer After Communion

Let us pray…

Lord Jesus,

May we who have met with you in this sacrament of salvation, been fed for the long and troublous journey of life and healed by your saving power, come to recognise you in these holy gifts, to the glory of your heavenly Father.


Blessing and Dismissal

The Lord be with you

And also with you

The Blessing of God be with us,

Father and Mother,

Sustainer of our earth

Source of all that is, and shall be.

The Blessing of God be with us

The Universal Christ

the Risen and Glorious Loved One

and our Friend

The Blessing of God be with us

Spirit spreading love and joy in our hearts

giving hope to the battered ones

inspiring peace and justice for the little ones

For we have been nourished

by the Bread of Life

we have been quickened

by the Life-blood of the Universe

With courage and hope let us continue on

our journey.

…and the blessing of God almighty,

the +Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

be among you and remain with you always.


The mass is ended. Go in the peace of Christ.

Thanks be to God.