Greenbelt 09 – Standing in the long now

We arrived on the Caravan Club site yesterday afternoon. It is on the edge of the racecourse at Cheltenham, with a  great view of the course and the festival. We are in the lee of the Dawn Run Stand in a pitch shared with Fee and Dave. Fish and Chips last night and a few beers over a game of Travel Go! (Does anyone else remember this game, it is decades old, but we love it) which Lou won (how did that happen?).

After a night of miserable misty rain, we wake to bright sunshine, and renewed vigour and excitement. Purple wristbands on (Contributors, of course – last year was bright pink!) and after breakfast I have to get the Blesséd projectors to the New Forms Cafe and the Smoke Machine so we can test it with the fire officer. I would love to be able to burn incense and have Lyndon’s massive smoke machine to play with, but there is a fear they might set the alarms off. That would be sad. Please pray that our tests work and we can use our kit.

We will only have half an hour to set up from 10.30pm on Saturday night, and so things will be hectic. If we know the smoke machine and fire alarms work, then things will be smoother.

Now looking forward to seeing the diary and planning my weekend…