Grab a bargain while you can…

We have a running joke about Tchibo, the German shop which sells, well a small selection of everything. I just have to pop in each time I am in Fareham because, well, the stock changes every week. Any excuse, I suppose.

This week, I have found the perfect thing for every anglocatholic parish who delights in the Ministry of Setting Light to Things:

kw45_14748_detailA blowtorch is the essential tool for the right-thinking thurifer. I am amazed how many still sit there for an hour before mass with their little candle trying to light the supposedly self-lighting charcoals.

In order to get incense to burn well, you need really hot, ash-free charcoal: scrape and blow, and get them lit as fast and evenly as possible. This makes a Chef’s Blowtorch the key tool, along with a pair of Spencer-Wells Forceps. Using one of these, you will be up and ready really quickly. The are fueled by Butane (Lighter Gas) and you get an excellent flame.

You could also use them for Creme Brulee, but where’s the fun in that?;sid=U1kKm40rZ9AKmsQF13gA_46y7t34O2rqQyY=?ProductSKU=0014748

It says “out of stock” but we know better – a bargain at under a tenner in store – go for it and quickly because they might have taken them away by next week.