Google broken by Malware warnings

Uh oh… the backbone of the Internet appears to have just snapped in half…

Every single search on from my many machines comes up with a malware warning (“This site may harm your computer”) and effectively blocks your activity, unless you take the link to the warning out of the address URL. There is obviously an issue at the Google end, all searches on and are showing the same error.


Click on the link and you get this:

Is this just me, or is everyone getting this? You probably won’t get this posting by searching for it, so I wonder why I am noting this down.

UPDATE: 15:04 GMT – Henry (probably in London, rather than Bath) has reported the same problem, so it’s not just me, or my choice of dodgy websites (BBC iplayer ‘might harm your computer’ – presumably if you watch Eastenders on it). Watching and waiting for a resolution.

No search on Yahoo (oh, the irony) yet shows any posting from Google on the matter, and nothing yet from Royal Pingdom, the usual gurus of website brokenness

UPDATE: 15:19 GMT – It would appear (from the comments below) that the world has this problem. If you have arrived on this small Church blog looking for the solution, then WELCOME. The immediate solution is to :

a) cut and paste the listed URL from the warning page into the address and effectively go direct to the page

b) edit the address, taking out

(not you might need to change the html converted codes to make the URL work)

c) Use Yahoo (if you havn’t used it for some time)

UPDATE 15:25 GMT – FIXED!!! Oh Praise the Lord!!!! Back to normal. Now, will they admit to anything or just pretend that never happened? Now I can get back on with my sermon preparation for Candlemas on Monday. Thank you for stopping by, this has been an exhilarating half-hour. God bless you.

Fr. S