Gloria to Old MacDonald for the Nursery Rhyme Mass, a better version

From the genius pen of Sue Wallace (@PrecentorSue), shortly to be Precentor of Winchester Cathedral

Where you see a word in red, the congregation can clap or ring a bell, hand chime

Glory be to God on high
On the earth be peace 
Lord and God and heavenly king
Our praises never cease

We praise you YES!
We bless you YES!
We praise you, bless you 
Glory and adore you
Thank you glorious God on high
Lord God Heavenly king. 

God Almighty Father Dear
Jesus Christ God’s son
Like a lamb you take our sin
The wrong things we have done

Hear our prayer YES!
Hear our prayer YES!
Hear us  Hear us.
Have mercy and be near us
For you are the Holy One. 
Father, Spirit, Son.