Front Page on YouTube – how cool is that?

I’ve been an Internet user since a dial-up shell account on a Unix mainframe back in the early 80’s, when gopher was as good as it got, and Mosaic was a long way off. I’ve coded webpages with notepad, but today you might allow me a little bit of excitement.

I didn’t think my assembly went too well last week, but I wanted to film it for posterity, for the benefit of someone wanting to do it better. Checked today and found that in 3 days, over 900 people had visited it – 25 or more commentsm as well – strange? Once I’d filtered out the abusive “*** Christianity” posts, many people were nice, and someone sent me a message saying “well done for getting featured…”  What?

Check the standard front page of YouTube (I have mine customised) and…


there it is: my assembly is on the front page!

It will have gone tomorrow, so if you want to catch up: the link is:

I might not get this privilege again, so for now, I’m going to be happy…