From the sickbed…

or “one handed typing for beginners

or “hurrah for mobile internet

No one in the parish will have failed to miss my frozen shoulder – after all, I have whinged about it for England and all together stopped the Ministry of Lugging* in the parish. Well now, courtesy of the wonderful St Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore I have had it sorted with an arthroscopic capsular release.

What could be a day case for normal people turns into a 3-day admission, drips, syringe drivers and most alarmingly a complete nerve block which paralyses the left arm from shoulder to fingertips – no sensation, no movement, nothing just a dead weight.

As pain relief it is brilliant, but to be honest with you it is freaking me out. I have to have it elevated and abducted, so it stands lifeless in a roller towel on a dripstand, inert. It must be a bit like what a stroke feels like, and it’s terrible. My prayers for anyone who has had a stroke – you don’t appreciate how much 2 hands matter.

I finally managed to connect my PC to my Orange Mobile N95 so I can sit here and amuse myself. The secret is:

Nokia N95 Modem (for PC) Config for Orange World

Modem Config: Advanced ->  AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet"
Phone Number: *99#
login: user
password: pass

I document it here in case a) I forget it b) it helps someone else.

Phone coverage in Stanmore is terrible, but I can get 115k connection (I used to be happy with ISDN at home once, see how spoiled we are), so it is adequate, and although I have to type right handed (so few capitals and very slow typing, here I am blogging, writing the first draft of the Greenbelt Mass Script, and thinking of new database structures. It’s okay. I thank people for their prayers – received the sacrament this evening from a lovely chaplain, Mother Wendy, the second woman to be Ordained in the Church of England and after we  had prayed together and I was healed by Christ’s saving, life-giving body (ah yes, as well – to paraphrase  what a wise priest once said to me – God created the arthroscope too, and the hands which bear it), we spoke of GAFCON and of Synod’s historic response to the Holy Spirit earlier this week. Your prayers have certainly helped. Thank you.

Bed soon. How much harder can it be to blag aother cup of tea? I pray I will be home tomorrow, God Willing

*the Ministry of Lugging, along with the Ministry of Photocopying is what a priest really does those other 6 days a week.