Frank Skinner: "Persecute me, I need the Brownie Points"

I have for some time been arguing that the biggest mistake the Church was made was to convert the Emperor Constantine, and the move from Spiritual Subversives to Establishment Figures. Increasingly I find myself thinking in favour of disestablishment, and losing the pretence of power.

There is certainly a great deal less hypocrisy now compared to say, the 1950s or the 1890’s: the people who come to Church (and especially our Church) do so out of a willingness to engage with Christ, not because it is the place to be seen. I like that.

I don’t do faith because of coolness, or fashion, or social standing, and I certainly don’t do it for the money, but I do it for the love of Christ, and my desire to have a real relationship with Jesus. It’s about the most counter-cultural idea out there at the moment.