This is my Android Remote Controller for Presentation Software on the PC. By this, I mean Prezi, the excellent and innovative presentation tool.

You can download the App for Android Phone or Tablet from the Google Play Store

and you will need the Server component for the PC on which Prezi is displayed, which can be obtained from here

This server is written in JAVA (Version 1.8 and above). The app will direct you to download it if you need it, or you can pre-install it from here


Once run, the PC element runs in the System Tray on the right.

Right-clicking brings up the Menu


2016-06-17 (1)2016-06-17 (2)

Choosing  Settings enables you to set up your machine, entering the IP Address of your machine and chosing a Port, the default is 59019. You can also select which screen to display which should be the screen on which Prezi is running if you have a 2 screen set up.

If there isn’t wifi in the area you are presenting, it can be better to st your phone/tablet up as a hotspot and then connect your PC to that. You will need to find out what IP address the phone has given the laptop, but going back into Settings might reveal that.

Problems with Connection

Are more often than not down to an issue with:

  1. Being on the wrong network, ie 3G and Wifi. They need to be the same, and it often works best if the laptop is actually connected to the phone’s hotspot.
  2. Firewalls – you might need to open the TCP Port you are using (default: 59019) for incoming and outgoing traffic

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The About Screen just asks for your prayers, this package is offered freely, just seeking prayerful support for my ministry here in Plymouth; call it “Prayerware” if you like!



At the top of the client, enter the IP Address of the Laptop and the Port you had selected. When you save, it will try and connect. A problem in connection is often sue to a firewall issue

The buttons should be quite self-explanatory for using Prezi. At the bottom the screen will update with a screenshot once a second. It’s not immediate but it helps you track where you’re going.

Note: sometimes you need to click onto the Prezi presentation (either web or desktop app) so that the system knows to direct it’s keypresses to Prezi.