Fr. Simon’s Electric Ordo


I have just finished my first app running on Android: a conversion of my Electric Ordo. You can find it here on Google Play.

This is my annual release of an Electronic Ordo or Church Calendar, containing daily information and readings for Mass each day according to both the Roman Lectionary and an alternative Anglican/Episcopal Lectionary*. The app provides links for most bible references to the NRSV provided by the Oremus Bible Browser. You can also share the data for a given day to eMail or Evernote or any other of your favourite Apps.

* Why? You’re not allowed to use the copyrighted Common Worship Lectionary.

This version runs from Advent 2014 to Advent 2015

I compile this for myself, and as such it may contain errors or omissions, but if the data is wrong, you won’t be the only one making a mistake, I’ll be making it too! This is released FREE, all I ask is your prayers for my ministry and the ministry of the Roborough Team Ministry here in Plymouth: call it prayerware if you like!


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