Fr Simon’s Electric Ordo on Android NO LONGER on Google Play

No,  you can’t have it. The Common Worship lectionary is copyright. That bunch of bible verses is not mine to give away, for prayers or anything. I have withdrawn it from Google Play, which is a pity because a) It was a good way to learn Android App development because I  compile the data each year for my own use and b) I would have found it useful. Oh well.

I will probably take out that bit and resubmit it.


ordoicon512x512I have just finished my first app running on Android: a conversion of my Electric Ordo. You can find it very shortly here on Google Play (it takes time to publish and verify).

Now, this is my very first attempt at developing an Android App, and might be a bit flaky but it works, and I hope it is handy. It has taught me much about Android Development. I apologise if it doesn’t meet your expectations. In case you ask,  I will not be developing an iOS version ever because Apple expect you to develop the code on a Mac and charge a fortune for the Developer license. The Android tools are effectively free and I can use my Windows and Linux tools.

This is my annual release of an Electronic Ordo or Church Calendar, containing daily information and readings for Mass each day according to both the Anglican (Common Worship) or Roman lectionaries.  I compile this for myself, and as such it may contain errors or omissions, but if the data is wrong, you won’t be the only one making a mistake, I’ll be making it too! This is released FREE, all I ask is your prayers for my ministry and the ministry of the Roborough Team Ministry here in Plymouth: call it prayerware if you like!





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