Fr. Simon's Electric Ordo 2009 – Free download as PRAYERWARE

This post refers to last year’s edition, see for the latest version

I am pleased to be able to release the 2009 edition of my ever-popular and ever-growing Digital / Electric Ordo. This is just a posh way of putting together a lot of Saints Days and Mass Readings and importing them into your favourite Calendar program.

You can download it freely from the Parish Website here at

All I ask is that you pray for me, and my ministry at St.Thomas the Apostle, Elson: call it “prayerware” if you like!

The data can be imported to any number of ICalendar compatible programs, including:

  • Google Calendar (my current tool, which integrates seemlessly with my Blackberry)
  • Microsoft Outlook (but not Outlook Express, which has no Calendar!)
  • Palm Desktop

…and through these to many many PDAs, iPaqs, Blackberries and Smartphones

I create this calendar to suit my own needs, and I freely share it with you, but recognise that it suits me first.

  • You might find it too Roman but this is because we use the Roman Missal and the Roman Lectionary at St Thomas. We say the Breviary or Divine Office as our Daily Prayer. If you don’t like that, sorry.
  • You might find it too Anglican, as it contains commemorations of Non-Romans, and includes some of the Anglican Liturgical Variations as well as details drawn from the now-out-of-print first edition of Exciting Holiness, which is an Anglican text. I am an Anglocatholic and we are an Anglican parish. If you don’t like that, sorry.
  • You might find it contains errors and mistakes. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. I nearly always have to issue a subsequent release with corrections in, as there is bound to be something messed up. For little issues, like stray formatting – change it yourself, for major problems and cock-ups, let me know.

Still, enjoy it, and make use of it, as I know many of you do. Praise God, and Pray without ceasing! This is the Opus Dei.