Fotoshop by Adobé

One of the things that I find most distressing with working with teenagers, and especially teenage girls, and even having teenage daughters is the awareness of their submission to the whole body-image hegemony: that the unreality of magazines and tv body image just messes with their minds and their self-esteem. This spoof advert captures the ludicrous tone of beauty product ads (does anyone actually believe that stuff anyway?) and will be perfect to use an an icebreaker in a discussion about self image.

We all know where this leads… I make no apology for this next clip, which is disturbing and confronting and just what needs to be seen:

and yet

“Man looks on the outside but God looks within”

Samuel 16:7

If there is only one message I seek to tell and tell and tell to young people (and in fact people of all ages) then it is that “God loves you. As you are. You are special.”

That is all.