For those who believe in a literal, uncritical reading of Scripture

GAFCON calls for a reading of Scripture as the unambiguous word of God, without interpretation

It would appear that like ++Jensen, like myself, ++Akinola needs glasses and therefore we are all breaking the Levitical Code. Luckily, I see that Jesus has completed the Law, and therefore superceded it and that the Holy Spirit continues to work beyond a series of man-made rules to ensure ethnic separation which were dressed up in biblical authority.

These Aussies make their point with humour, and grace. God’s love is poured out on all, and the Gospel of Condemnation is not the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose judgement will not be based on where we place our genitals, but where our hearts lie. Sin is not relative, but sin is bound by our relationship with God, not by our relationship with a collection of writings. I love Scripture and draw much from it, but it is not an object of worship, it is a tool of engagement with the living, saving, redeeming, transforming God.

God cannot be bound up within the pages of a book. Any book.