FoCA – the beginning of the end

I have not been to London today, not least because from what I have read from others, the FoCA meeting would make me very very angry indeed. Instead, I have been labouring in the vineyard, working in local schools and spreading the Gospel, rather than travelling up to London to take a day out to have a go at gays or women or whoever else you think you ought to hate.

What a waste. When we should be more concerned with making Christ known, with delivering God’s Holy Word and Blessed Sacraments to those who need it, some are more concerned with rattling sabres about schism. David Virtue calls for a new reformation, and in doing so puts the enemy (and all his divisions) at the heart of debate. +Broadhurst describes Satan at Church House. Shame on him. He should resign his holy orders immediately. What are these people doing to make Christ known? To share his love? To embrace the marginalised and the poor?

The (few) members of the House of Bishops supporting this schism should be ashamed. If they aren’t ashamed, then they should have the integrity to resign from this Church. This would, of course, leave Chichester without Episcopal oversight, but hey, at least all those gay priests in Chichester would know where they stood. Likewise, I note with sadness the support of the PEVs – they who have in their care a disproportionately high number of gay priests, most not even safely in the closet, but many who have active partners – I went to Mirfield, and that is how I know this to be the case. I wonder how cheated they feel at present. As MadPriest asked yesterday, is it worth the sacrifice of their integrity and their self-worth just simply to keep the girls out? We ordain women because we baptise girls.

Fr Ivan seems to confuse the Gospel with some kind of mysogyny, which is a pity because I deeply admire everything else he does: the tireless proclamation of God’s love in that community. From what I read in his blog, it would sadly appear that he would no longer wish to be my friend simply because of a different reading of Scripture, a different reading of the Church and a slight change in the Mission of God on this earth.

The one thing that comforts me is that they will get their way. If they want to be ‘orthodox’ in their own little way, then they should be allowed to leave the Church – walk out of the buildings and away from their pensions and start again. However, I consider myself and our parish to also be orthodox – to be true to Scripture and also more importantly, the meta-teachings of Christ. To claim they have the handle on ‘truth’ is just arrogant. Matthew 7:1 is clear about judgement of others.

They should read their bibles a bit more.

(My sincere apologies to Bishop Peter for my typing error, now corrected)