Flashmob at Greenbelt – Guerilla Devotions on Friday

I’m not allowed to tell you exactly when and exactly where yet, but we will be undertaking some guerilla devotions some time during the Friday evening session.

Two years ago, we shocked and stunned the Greenbelt Festival by performing Benediction in the Jesus Arms Beer Tent

This year, we promise another Catholic, prayer-based devotion for everyone. Very lo-tech, very accessible, but we hope a powerful witness.

If you would like to email fr.simon@rundell.org.uk and tell me your text number, or you can also text me direct on 07976 802123 or direct message me on Twitter: frsimon. I will text everyone on that list with 10 minutes notice of where to assemble.

The only other bit of advice I should give you is for what to pack. This might be a useful aid to packing:


<hint, hint>