First Draft: Hymns for Baptism (to well known tunes)

The problem with All Things Bright & Beautiful is that it is simultaneously loathed by anyone (lay and ordained) in the Church and loved fondly by those with only a peripheral connection; it speaks of a particular generation of Primary School and says nothing of either baptism or marriage (where they are frequently requested). This is the beginning of a process to reclaim the well-known tunes with words which speak to the pastoral office. It should be considered alongside these hymns for weddings (and this one) to well-known tunes.

Now, this is a very first draft, and I do not want to claim final overall ownership of what I would love to be a collaborative project. Before you simply comment ‘It doesn’t scan’ kindly suggest a change/rewrite and make it better, together. So, here’s a start…

to the tune of Morning has broken

Out of the waters
We come to salvation
In pure fresh water
We wash ourselves clean
Following Jesus
Ever hereafter
A new beginning
A new life to lead

The oil of baptism
the cross on our forehead
The oil of Chrism
Crowned on our heads
A robe of pure whiteness
Wrapped tight around us
The candle of our faith
To ward away dark

God gives us a new gift
of life here and after
With family around us
We look to the dawn
Baptismal waters
show us a new way
to follow Jesus:
live life in full.

to the tune of All Things Bright & Beautiful

Baptism brings us into life
With Jesus Christ our Lord
God’s blessing poured out on us all
Water and Oil and Word

As he did in the Jordan
We follow his command
to bring good news to nations
to both the poor and grand

In waters of baptism
New life in Christ reborn
A white robe wraps us in the truth
We greet the happy dawn

Signed upon our foreheads
the Cross of Victory marked
As it goes on before us
To dispell the fear and dark

The fragrant oil of Chrism
is poured upon our heads
A sign of God’s great blessing
Won for us from the dead

Though the world may feel quite dark
Christ’s light will cast out fear
There is nothing we cannot face
For the Lord is always near