Firebox 3: Reflect – 24 hours of Worship, Portsmouth Cathedral 29/30 Oct


A4 sized Mirrors, with ikons placed at an angle from them, so that you see both your own face and the face of the Saviour in them.

Music: U2 “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”

The Firebox meditations will appear at 5am in the Cathedral in the St Thomas’ Chapel as part of the Diocese “24 Hours of Worship” Event  Please come.

The blurb for his section says:

5am Firebox

Firebox is a collection of three meditations, originally createdfor Blesséd’s unique take on sacramental worship: using incense, ikons and a sense of mystery. The participant is encouraged to spend time engagingwith these meditations, reflecting upon their createdness, their being-made-in-the-image-of-God-ness and their response to that reflected love.

Blesséd, hailing from Elson in Gosport, is one of the Churchof England’s most unique fresh expressions. Led by Rev SimonRundell, Blesséd is firmly rooted in a sacramental tradition, taking liturgy, signs, symbols and mystery from the Church’s ancient past and rooting them firmly in the multimedia of the 21st Century