Extra thoughts on the Beatitudes

Taken with respect from http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2010/12/year-fourth-sunday-in-epiphany-fourth.html

In today’s world…

It’s good for the rich,

they can buy whatever they want.

It’s good for the strong,

they can take whatever they want.  They will also make the team.

It’s good for the winners,

they get all the prizes.

It’s good for the smart,

they get straight A’s, get to go to Uni, and get good jobs.

It’s good for the beautiful,

they will get their pictures in magazines and get to be in the movies.

It’s good for the grownups,

they get to make all the plans.

Jesus says that in his kingdom…

It’s good for those who know they do not know everything.

They belong in God’s world.

It’s good for those who are terribly sad.

They will be comforted.

It’s good for those who obey.

They will be in charge.

It’s good for those who don’t get justice now.

They WILL get it.

It’s good for those who forgive and care about others.

God forgives and cares about them.

It’s good for those who are seek to hold onto God’s values.

They will see God.

It’s good for the peacemakers.

They will be praised as God’s own children.

It’s good for those who are hurt because they stand up for God’s ways.

They will be God’s heroes and heroines.

It’s even good for you when people come after you because you follow me.

You will be rewarded.