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Connect_Network_ProjectorFr. Simon’s Worship Remote Control

There are times when you need to control Easyworship yourself – in schools or in small group worship settings.

You can down this from the Google Play Store here

screenshot-play.google.com 2016-07-17 08-32-58


I wrote this client to interact with my PC-based Server Program which can be downloaded from Here

You will need to download and install that software on your Easyworship PC. It has been completely rewritten in Java and is much better than the previous version.

This enables you to operate Easyworship (tested on 2009 and the newer Easyworship 6) when both client and server are connected on the same WiFi network: moving through slides and schedule items, blanking and clearing the screen. The App sends keystrokes to Easyworship and so does not prevent a user from controlling Easyworship in the usual way from its keyboard, but means that someone within wifi range can run the system.


NEW is the emphasis is viewing either the control screen or the display screen updated at 1 sec intervals for better control.



Video (of initial version)

[lyte id=”qs2RjcOTmKQ” /

This software was for his own use by Fr. Simon Rundell SCP (simon@rundell.org.uk) and is now made available to others as PRAYERWARE: Available without cost or charge except that your prayers are asked for Fr. Simon and the Roborough Team Ministry, Plymouth http://www.roborough.org.uk

Screenshot 2014-11-12 13.13.50

2 thoughts on “Easyworship Remote Control

  1. Hi Fr Simon,
    I have tried several times to link my android device with my PC to evaluate this program, but it keeps saying “connection lost”. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

    1. 1. Firewall on PC is blocking your chosen port. Default is 58019
      2. Try connecting PC to phone/tablet Hotspot. That is my usual setup.
      3. Dodgy WiFi? Depends if you get a connection and it drops or never manage to connect at all…

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