Encouraging Signs


After what had been a bit of a dark week past (see posts passim), I can sense some new and encouraging signs. In addition to the two adult candidates for Confirmation, I have had another two respond favourably to my suggestion that they prepare for the Sacrament.

One of my greatest loves in ministry after the celebration of the holy mysteries is Discipleship: sharing and teaching the faith, and whether that is in the context of Confirmation or Bible Study, Lent & Advent Courses or working with young people, I don’t mind. I still have a sort of wild enthusiasm for my faith which all these years have not seemed to dent, and what makes it all so special for me, is such fun to share with others.

I’m no great theologian, and certainly a poor evangelist, and I could never aspire to do more than I simply love doing, which is sharing faith over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and helping people make sense of what is going on in their hearts as they are touched by the presence of God. As in all my ministry, I just feel privileged to be along for the ride. When people start to respond, it lifts me; and my little episode of self-doubt passes as I can look forward to drinking lots more coffee and talking with people about Christ.

Does my prayer life no end of good as well: Deo Gratias! Pray that these signs of growth may continue to flourish, just like the seed in tonight’s Gospel: 30, 60, 100-fold!