Electric Ordo – Liturgical Calendar 2009 – Problem fixed for older versions of Outlook

I appreciate that some of you using Outlook 2003 and older will have had difficulty importing this year’s Electric Ordo, receiving an error. It worked in Outlook 2007 and Google, and Apple iCal…

So, I have reinstalled my main workstation from scratch in order to reinstall Outlook 2003 and try and provide you with a solution. It was a drastic solution, buit I couldn’t figure out how to resolve the problem with no direct way of telling. So, after a few hours of head-scratching and trying various solutions, I have one!

The latest version on the parish website at http://www.thomastheapostle.info/resources/software/liturgical_calendar.html http://www.saintthomaselson.org.uk/143/ now contains a Comma Separated Value (csv) file that users of older versions of Outlook should use. Outlook 2007 and other Calendar Program users (such as Google Calendar) should use the iCalendar (.ics) file in that archive.

I apologise for any problems with the 2009 Lectionary, but using that file worked in Outlook 2003 and the data appears to be correct.

As always, this data is free: all I ask is that you pray four our Ministry here at St. Thomas the Apostle, Elson – call it “Prayerware” if you like!