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From Advent 2022 to Advent 2023

Download button for the Calendar

Right click on the above link and select “SAVE AS..” or “SAVE TARGET AS…” or “SAVE LINK AS..”

This is my annual release of an Electronic Ordo or Church Calendar, containing daily information and readings for Mass each day according to the Revised Common Lectionary and an Anglican Lectionary in Common Use.

It is designed to be imported into electronic calendars which support the iCalendar format. I use it in Google Calendar but it has been proven to work within iCal on the Mac and Microsoft Outlook.

Once in Google Calendar, it will synchronise with your Smartphone or Tablet and give you a quick way to check the Colour, the Divine Office or the readings for Holy Communion.

I compile this for myself, and as such it may contain errors or omissions, but if the data is wrong, you won’t be the only one making a mistake, I’ll be making it too! This is released FREE, all I ask is your prayers for my ministry and the ministry of the Roborough Team Ministry here in Plymouth: call it prayerware if you like!

How to Import to Google

(new instructions because Google have changed)

1. Download from the link at the top of the page.

I suggest that you right-click and “Save” or “Save as…” as just launching it might by default start loading the Mircosoft Outlook app (or similar) that you never use.

2. Open Google Calendar

1.  On the left hand side, choose which calendar you want to add it to. Click on the 3 vertical dots by the calendar

2. Select “Settings and Sharing”

3. Select “Import & Export”

3. Click on the “filename” and select the file you have just downloaded.

4. When the import is complete, you will see the following…

5. This is an example of the data

4. If you like it, please tell others. All is ask is your prayers (which are, I can assure you, are very much needed…)