Electric Ordo 2009 Update

I was alerted to the fact that Windows Calendar which comes free with Microsoft Vista errors when you try and import the proper Electric Ordo for 2009. Typical Microsoft and its non-standard implementation of the RFC2445 standard. Grrrr.

A few small tweaks and it now imports fine.


The latest version (2009a) can be download from http://www.saintthomaselson.org.uk/143/

The Ordo is, as always, downloadable free-of-charge but I ask you for your prayers for our ministry here at St Thomas the Apostle, Elson

On one level, my compilation of the Ordo is a thankless and arduous task, but I find it useful for my own needs, and hope you do too. I have quite a number of spreadsheets, databases and scripts which help me compile and edit the data, but it is still about a week’s graft.