Easter Vigil, 6am

After a busy day of expectant praying, and even more frantic church cleaning [How good and pleasant it is when the people of God work together in unity.’ (Psalm 133:1), we left the place in a lovely condition. It had been a powerful Good Friday – Children’s Stations based on the excellent What a Day! resource, Mother Margaret leading the adult stations based on the Walsingham intercessions and then my Meditation on the last words and the Liturgy of the Cross, including a very moving veneration, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYZqLMBsYCI as we came forward to kiss the cross and drape our red ribbons on the instrument of our salvation.


The morning came too quickly, and we gathered at 6am to greet the risen Lord: Exsultet, Vigil Readings, Renewal of Baptismal Promises and a Joyous Mass of the Dawn celebrated with Champagne followed by the best breakfast I have ever enjoyed: bacon and sausage and danishes.


It was a wonderful celebration, and even amidst our small and poor congregation, it felt like something special was happening. It was well worth getting up so early, and judging by the comments of the congregation, they felt that they had also done something worthwhile. Like with all things in faith, it was worth the extra effort.


Zoë and Kristy admire the Easter nests


Alison and Tony, Organist and Churchwarden get into the spirit(s) of Easter…


The Sunday School Easter Garden

Other pictures at http://www.saintthomaselson.org.uk/parish/parish_news/record_of_events/easter_2008.html

We made the local newspaper! See the page for the clippings and also some scans of the comments book. I decided to scan the comments so that people could see that they were genuine, and not just spun by me. As you can see, wonderful response but such a pity that more people did not experience it.