Dismissal for Blesséd Holy Week


The recording with the young people was excellent last night – they did it with humour, candour and mutual respect for each other.

Our Youth Evangelism Fund bid is still in formation, and has now formally become known as “A Grands-worth of Popcorn“. Their idea, which (naturally) started as a joke, was to spend all the money on popcorn – a particular favourite of theirs, but as they talked about it more, it became more of a reality – putting evangelistic messages on small bags of popcorn, effectively rebranding them, and using them to attract people to a series of services they ultimately want to put on. I am sure they won’t actually spend a grand on it, but it will be both their key-selling-point of their bid alongsde other promotional aids. Twister also seemed to be important to them in this respect. What makes their sharing of the Gospel different – it is about sharing (food and experiences), about fellowship and games, about hearing and telling and in the midst of fellowship finding an encounter with God. It sounds great when they tell it to me, but when I think about how they might tell those who pull the pursestrings, I get a bit worried. That the fund exists is encouraging enough, that it is in the hands of the actual young people themselves and not clergy like me [however great at youth evangelism I may be, and how much I need a new fastfold projection screen, but I hope they can make their rather fanciful dream a reality with funding.