This is a legal responsibility for Apps that I make available, especially those on Google Play for Android.

  • I don’t collect data from you.
  • My Apps don’t send any information to me.
  • If it asks for something like a name or somesuch, that remains entirely within the system and on your phone or device.
  • If one of my apps wants to send information or link to another app within your system (such as taking a phone number and linking to the phone app, or showing a PDF document) that remains entirely under your control.

All I ask is that if you use my Apps that you undertake to pray for me, Fr. Simon Rundell and my ministry here in the Parishes of Bickleigh & Shaugh Prior. I call it PRAYERWARE.

As effectively FREE software I therefore accept no liability for my Apps on your system. You do choose to use them at your own risk. Usually I am developing them for my own use and make them available to the world as an act of Christian sharing. I don’t care if you share my faith or not, but know that I am praying for you (even though I have no idea who you are).

My contact details:

Fr. Simon Rundell, The Vicarage, 33 Leat Walk, Roborough, Plymouth PL6 7AT