Death by Powerpoint

I’ve been doing presentations for a long time now. Most people have ever forgotten Harvard Graphics, which was so pre-Powerpoint that I think Moses might have used it to explain the 10 commandments. I have sat through a lot of presentations and now with Lou’s teaching practice, I get to see a lot of the ones she has downloaded, or brought back from school, and frankly, they suck.

There is nothing worse than a bad powerpoint, and teachers are the worst, so praise God when I found a couple of presentations on Sharepoint:

[slideshare id=12087&doc=presentation-tips-10903&w=425

This one has statistics and proper teaching behind it

[slideshare id=85551&doc=death-by-powerpoint4344&w=425

This one has good sense and cool graphics. I like the use of rounded borders and overlays

I’m not perfect, and I admit that I often break some of these rules, and create too long a line. I will address this from now on.