Death by Powerpoint

Whilst preparing my workshop, and railing against the misuse of Powerpoint, I found these excellent videos which make some of my points excellently. Although designed for business, they translate effectively for teaching (and the worst slides I have ever seen have come from educationalists) and sermons, and to an extent act as a warning for those using Powerpoint in Worship, for which my executive summary is:DON’T.

Multi parter:

Part 2 best, I reckon. I applaud their destruction of clipart. Clipart should be removed from the system.

I note with interest that someone in our diocese is offering a workshop on “worship using powerpoint” – Gaaahhhh! No! No! No! Powerpoint doesn’t have the flexibility or power to support worship.

I plan to release my presentation here, shortly, but it will take bit of time to get the videos together. Bear with me.