Day Three: Multisensory Stations

Only three more hours to go, and frankly I have to admit I have been disappointed by the response to the Multisensory Stations. Every single person who has come to this has responded positively, been moved by the meditation, touched by the ritual and the symbol, and yet there were so few.

I sent loads of posters to my colleagues: diocese, deanery and ecumenical. There were articles in the Diocese Newspaper. I promoted it heavily during sermons in other parishes and amongst my closest colleagues.

…and less than thirty people have made this journey. Okay, so that is thirty people who have [I pray been given something this holy week to think on, and who have I hoped moved closer to the heart of God. But that is in 18 hours of manning this event, and goodness knows how much preparation time, this week is starting to look like a disaster.

Most of those who have come are from this parish, and that is a good thing. They have experienced something different, something challenging and something distinctive for Holy Week. I don’t think I’ll do any more of this stuff. It’s not working.

It’s all so easy to be blythe about the buzz of fresh expressions, of lying to ourselves about success and growth and the Gospel, and yet here in the midst of Holy Week, I find my Gethsemene, my low point, my experience of desertion. It’s not a good place to be in, I have to admit.